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Dark Places by Gillian Flynn | Book Review

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

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Book Review - Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Book Review

Libby Day is living in a constant state of depression, fighting to keep the memories of her family’s murder locked away. But the money from generous donations is beginning to run out and she might have to rejoin society. Mentally she isn’t’ ready. She doesn’t have the drive to leave the house most days let alone handle a job. When the Kill Club reaches out to her, asking that she dig into her past and prove her brother Ben didn’t kill her family, Libby outright refuses. Until they begin to pay her to interview people from her past. But sometimes it's better to leave the dark things hidden.

Once again I am stunned by Gillian Flynn’s ability to expose the sinister side of humanity. Told through the eyes of Libby and her family, Dark Places switches between past and present, slowly edging readers into the final fatal night. Desperation can make a person do awful things, and Ben is no exception. Growing up poor and outcast from his fellow peers, Ben takes things to an extreme. But Gillian Flynn plants doubt into all the suspects and keeps readers guessing until the last few chapters.

It took me a little while to adjust to the main character. Libby is not built into a likable character. She has hit the ultimate low in life and refuses to move forward. She doesn’t go through the standard growth and development of a character as the story progresses. Libby will gain more knowledge and understanding about her family, but don’t expect her to be a different person by the end of this novel.

Dark Places is aptly named as the story exposes cruelties that strike close to home, as well as heinous acts that one doesn’t expect to encounter. Be prepared for a twisted read that never lets up.

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