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Bridge of Souls by Victoria Schwab Book Review

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Bridge of Souls by Victoria Schwab
Bridge of Souls by Victoria Schwab

Book Review

From fires to natural disasters, New Orleans has been rebuilt numerous times. And with each tragedy, ghosts have remained caught in the Veil. Everywhere Cassidy steps, the veil pulls, and stepping through provides a confusing mix of past events. But it’s not just the ghosts she has to worry about this time. A harbinger of death has caught onto Cassidy’s trail and seeks to bring her to the other side.

The history and chilling tales of New Orleans come to life as Cassidy and Jacob navigate their way through the French Quarter. Dodging death at every turn and searching for a way to escape the harbinger’s notice. But it has a way of finding Cassidy no matter where she turns. When Lara advises her to find the secret society tied to studying the Veil, readers will begin to learn more about the abilities Cassidy possesses. The information Cassidy gains is fascinating and serves to spin together a larger world picture.

And let’s not forget Victoria Schwab’s ability to fully immerse readers in each moment Cassidy and Jacob experience. The slow creeping dread as Death brushes by, a hair's breadth from reaching Cassidy, or the crippling tragedies Cassidy finds herself reliving in the Veil. Each encounter serves to plunge the reader further into the dark side of New Orleans, and the risks Veil Walkers take each time they crossover.

But it isn't all ghosts and tragedy. Despite all it has faced, the city of New Orleans also embraces life. While there are many high-tension moments strewn throughout Bridge of Souls, there is also a subtle reminder that life goes on. The culture of New Orleans is beautifully woven into the story, from the architecture to the festivals they hold.

Like the previous two novels, I enjoyed every minute of Bridge of Souls. There are just enough creepy elements blended with ghostly history to keep me invested in the story. And the characters are wonderful to follow as they endure ups and downs in their friendships with each new challenge they face.

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