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Bloodlust Blues by Luanne Bennett Book Review

Bloodlust Blues by Luanne Bennett book cover
Bloodlust Blues by Luanne Bennett

Bloodlust Blues Book Review

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

Bloodlust Blues has many plot points, leading to a complex web of activities. While a complex plot can be engaging, the different strands have to hint at one another or start to come together sooner. Many characters come and go, sparking new conflicts and mysteries before resolving the previous ones. But the atmosphere was well developed, showing the town of Crimson as a smaller town, yet large enough for fresh faces to pop in and out of the narrative.

Charlie as a character is a determined woman, willing to put herself on the line for the betterment of others. She has a good heart and a group of friends willing to follow her lead and assist where needed. But she is trying to run a covert business on the side selling vampire blood and doesn’t seem to be the best at keeping a secret. Though the choices she makes lead to conflicts surrounding the business and creates some well deserved action sequences.

However, there is also a moment where a female is nearly assaulted and the writing downplays what happened. Even going so far as to have a male character snickering at the mention of it occurring, yet the female is obviously distraught. This felt wrong to read and while that may have been the intention to churn up emotion in readers, Charlie also brushes it off which seems against the character that was so carefully created. She removes the offender from her bar but has little emotional response or offer of help for the woman who was involved.

Bloodlust Blues hits the mark on urban fantasy and supernatural elements, but the emotional side of the story is lacking. Two many plots and too little character development. And to not address the full wrongness of what occurred during the assault was shocking.

All or part of this book review may be used in marketing, I only ask that you reference Behind the Pages if you choose to do so.

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