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Arko: The Dark Union by U. W. Leo | Book Review

Arko: The Dark Union by U. W. Leo | Book Review
Arko: The Dark Union by U. W. Leo

Book Review

Thank you to U.W. Leo for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

Arko: The Dark Union is an ambitious book. There are many characters introduced to the reader, described by their race and physical features. And while there was a multicultural cast of characters, the presentation did not quite come off appropriately. There were moments where the characters internal and external dialogue described other races and cultures in clipped tones, edging towards insult instead of a proper introduction. The diverse cast was well intended, but a softer approach to introducing the characters was needed.

That being said, the characters did work well together. Each had their part to play as they made discoveries and began to experiment with the remnants of a lost civilization. And while there are high-tension moments, the characters promote an overall environment of collaboration.

It was a bit difficult to keep all the characters in mind. The writing lived in the moment through telling rather than showing, and the characters did not stand out enough from one another. There were also moments where certain characters would make questionable choices, and rather than contest the plan, the other characters simply agreed even though they held reservations. If there had been a stand between different characters, their personalities and morals would have helped to make them stand apart from one another.

But I did enjoy the science and advanced technology brought into the story. It was fascinating seeing the advancements made and the discovery of what could be done by combining the science of today with the science of the past. And while sometimes the sciences were beyond my understanding, the context they were placed in made them easier to digest.

Arko: The Dark Union is a sci-fi adventure filled with science and dinosaurs. The writing style is fast-paced and plot-driven, focusing on the ever increasing discoveries of the characters. This novel would be best suited for teenagers as some of the ideas and language used may not be suitable for younger readers.

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