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Where the Drowned Girls Go by Seanan McGuire Book Review

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Where the Drowned Girls Go by Seanan McGuire book cover
Where the Drowned Girls Go by Seanan McGuire

Book Review

Ever since the Moors, Cora has felt the Drowned Gods pull. Each night they whisper to her, calling her back. Water which once brought Cora comfort now fills her with dread, fearful the Drowned Gods will pull her back. Desperate to escape, Cora, begs to be sent to Whitethorn. And while she knows the school is different, she could never have guessed how different. From the strict rules to the no-nonsense matrons, Cora’s stay will be anything but pleasant.

There have been quite a few hushed whispers of an alternative school within the course of the Wayward Children series. Being able to experience Whitethorn firsthand through Cora’s eyes was startling. Instead of acceptance and friendship, they foster denial and subjugation. There is no talking of doors or whimsical worlds. Children are to focus on the here and now, on their future in the real world. Seanan McGuire effortlessly paints the picture of a new school without needing any overarching descriptions, or long detailed backstories. The character’s themselves bring it to life with peer interactions and overall body language.

Readers will be enthralled as they witness Cora’s past and present unfold. Being able to read about Cora’s history, and the bullying she endured for being different hit home. And knowing exactly what the Drowned Gods were taking away from her will make readers stand by Cora’s side as she does her best to piece together her future. It’s never easy being different. As much as Cora wants to believe in her door, the invasion of the Drowned Gods has worn her down day after day. Mentally exhausted, she makes a desperate move to Whitethorn. But forgetting is never easy.

Where the Drowned Girls Go is another thrilling addition to the Wayward Children series. Each new book takes readers on a dark and emotionally packed adventure. While I never know where the next door will take me, I know it will be an entertaining journey.

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