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Total Eclipse by Rachel Caine Book Review

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Total Eclipse by Rachel Caine Book Review
Total Eclipse by Rachel Caine

Book Review

In the aftermath of battle anti-magic strikes Mother Earth, creating a black corner. Aboard the cruise ship, as Joanna and company race to escape the black corner, magic leeches away from the Djinn. And as they emerge from the anti-magic space, the Djinn disappear with heart-wrenching screams. All except for David. David who now appears to be human alongside Joanne. Stripped of their powers, Joanne and David seek to gain back what was lost before the final battle against Earth begins.

Natural tragedies rip across the world as the mother lashes out at humanity in retaliation for her injuries. The few wardens left are doing all they can to save humans, but it isn’t enough. As the death tolls rise Joanne and David run to the oracles to seek help. But readers know from past books, the oracles are not humanity's friend. And without their powers, will Joanne and David even be acknowledged? Total Eclipse is filled with pulse pounding action and narrow escapes.

Joanne and David have been a dynamic duo since they first met. And as they now face off against magical enemies without powers, the risks they must take are deadlier than ever before. Even without powers, they are a great team, but they won’t be able to save everyone this time. Joanne and David will have to come to terms with losing close friends and the feelings of hopelessness they endure being human. Readers will be hooked into the story as two of the most powerful characters in the series face these challenges.

Something important to note is that there will be call back moments and characters appearing from the spin-off series Outcast Season. You do not have to read this side series for the story to make sense, but I do think it will add to your experience if you read them. Rachel Caine did a great job making sure not to spoil Outcast Season if you’d like to read it after finishing Weather Warden.

It's been a wonderfully exciting journey through my reread of the Weather Warden series. With all the characters have endured through the series, Rachel Caine made sure the core of who they were never wavered. Their end goals may have shifted as they matured, but they each received a fitting end to their character arcs. Total Eclipse brings the Weather Warden series to an emotional yet satisfying end.

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