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The Hatch by Michelle Saftich | Book Review

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

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The Hatch by Michelle Saftich | Book Review
The Hatch by Michelle Saftich

Book Review

Britta never wanted to work for the EASA. Both her mother and brother went on space missions for them and never returned. But when EASA comes for her on her thirteenth birthday, she has no choice but to join. Within their training program she learns how to develop her psychic abilities, and by doing so hopes to one day speak with her lost family members. But when training is interrupted, she and her fellow students are placed on a mission to other planets. Britta is assigned to the same planet her mother and brother were last seen on before they were lost. Determined to find out what happened to her family, Britta embarks on a journey that will test her abilities and all she believes.

The passage of time while swift was handled well within the novel. Two generations of EASA agents were covered to provide a background for the story. Once the narrative settled on Britta and her time with the EASA, I was immersed in the tale of a girl who strived to maintain her identity and work towards her goals.

The Hatch is much more than a sci-fi novel. It is the story of a girl who learns to believe in herself and her capabilities. She accepts her responsibilities and does what she has to for the greater good. She is willing to make sacrifices and put her own life on the lines for countless others. Britta is a character that readers can admire.

And while there are romance elements in the novel, the relationship Britta forms only adds to the emotion of the story. Her character develops as the realistic attraction grows. The romance never feels forced, but instead slowly develops over time. The tension builds as Britta becomes attached and realizes she has more at stake. Pages will fly by as Britta tries to balance between her mission goals and savings those she loves.

Fans of exploration sci-fi and light romance will not be able to put this book down!

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