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The Grassy Sea by Carol Riggs | Book Review

The Grassy Sea by Carol Riggs | Book Review
The Grassy Sea by Carol Riggs

Book Review

Thank you to Carol Riggs for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

Lyndra wants more out of life than strict routines and prearranged futures. She wants to explore, to have a chance to see who she is outside of guild life. But her guild family views her desire for more as different and wild. When tempers rise within the guild, brought on by sickness and the threat of attack from the sea-dwelling Grassians, Lyndra might just find her wish to see beyond her village granted. But at a terrible cost. Grassians begin to kidnap her fellow guildmates, and long-buried secrets arise. Lyndra’s life will be forever changed.

This coming of age story will win over readers young and old. Lyndra struggles to remain true to herself as she realizes what she wants out of life. Being different labels her as being difficult, even if her intentions are never wicked. Many readers will be able to relate to the pressure she feels trying to fit in. And even as Lyndra tries her best to be one of the crowd, circumstances will force her to reevaluate her life. And while her journey will be difficult, fraught with danger and harsh realizations, in the end, she will find herself.

The Grassy Sea is one of those books that shows readers how long standing feuds can be devastating to hold onto. As Lyndra becomes involved with the feud between her guild and the Grassians, she realizes just how damaging preconceived assumptions can be. She sees the differences between her own people and the Grassians, but instead of wanting war, she wants peace. However, hatred and resentment are hard emotions to overcome, especially when they have been stewing for years on both sides.

Reading Lyndra’s determination to make amends and solve everyone’s problems is an emotional ride. She’s a passionate young woman, and while not all of her choices are for the better, she truly does believe she is trying to do what is right. She carries so much on her shoulders, and at times I wish she could see that it wasn’t all her responsibility.

I enjoyed this dive into a new world and the characters involved within it. The themes of friendship and understanding that developed throughout the story won me over. If you are looking for an easy read with great characters and worldbuilding, then look no further than The Grassy Sea.

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