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The Book Blogger Memory Challenge Book Tag | Book Talk

Hello my bookish friends, are you ready for a memory challenge this week? I found this wonderful tag over on I Won't Say I'm In Love With Reading. My memory is not the best, but with books I tend to have a bit more luck. So I figured you know what, let's try this!

The Book Blogger Memory Challenge Book Tag | Book Talk
The Book Blogger Memory Challenge Book Tag

Now no cheating! No Googling and no using any answers I already have down. ^_~ Make sure to tag the person who tagged you in your response post! And tag as many folks as you want.


Name a book written by an author called Michael

The one that I would have selected was taken by the previous blogger. So this made me think. I finally landed on Michael Sullivan, but I can't remember any book titles! I can tell you they are high fantasy and a stake of them is sitting in the next room over waiting to be read. But I will not go look at them till after I post this.

Name a book with a dragon on the cover

Out of all of these questions this has got to be the easiest one to answer. Since I read mostly fantasy, there are a wealth of books I could choose from. I think for this I'm going to go with Dragon Mage by M. L. Spencer.

Name a book about a character called George

George....George. I'm going to completely guess with this one and go with an anthology I read in the hopes someone is named George. Little Killers A to Z by Howard Odentz?

Name a book written by an author with the surname Smith

The first name that came to mind was Alexander McCall Smith. An extremely popular author back in my Borders days, but all I could remember was there being the word giraffe in the title of one of their books.

Name a book set in Australia've got me. I have no idea.

Name a book with the name of a month in the title

January Moon by Victoria Danes. Victoria Danes was one of the first authors I did a review for when I started up my blog! This one was a bit steamier than my usual read, but I loved the werewolf lore brought into it!

Name a book with a knife on the cover

Cinders of Yesterday by Jen Karner. Thankfully I didn't read this one all that long ago, and the main storyline was about finding a magical knife. I really wanted to say Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, but it's a razor, not a knife on the cover.

Name a book with the word ‘one’ in the title

Dead Meat Day 1 by Nick Clausen. I keep meaning to come back to this series as I've only read day one. This was a great short read about the start of the zombie apocalypse.

Name a book with a eponymous title

I will fully admit I had to look up the definition of eponymous. To simplify it, it means giving one's name to something. I was confused by this question. But I'm going to go out on a limb and say the character's name should be in the title. My choice for this will be Martin the Warrior from the Redwall series.

Name a book turned into a movie

This one was easy because I praise this movie adaptation. Five Feet Apart by Rachel Lippincott


This was a tough one. I'm interested to see everyone's answers! If you'd like to participate you can post your own answers down in the comments! I'm also going to tag the following Twitter folks to participate:

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