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Tentacles and Teeth by Ariele Sieling | Book Review

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

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Book Review of Tentacles and Teeth
Tentacles and Teeth by Ariele Sieling

Book Review

Thank you to Book Sirens for providing me a copy in order to give an honest review!

Civilization has collapsed under the invasion of monsters. Humans are now at the bottom of the food chain and fight to survive in whatever communities they can form. Askari’s community is bound by rules she doesn’t always agree with. When she breaks a few too many she is forced to leave to learn why the rules exist. In a fight to survive, Askari will find out just how strong she is and discover startling truths about herself.

Ariele Sieling has boundless creativity when it comes to creature creation. Each monster that was introduced was increasingly different and she wove in their behaviors and ecological backgrounds seamlessly within the story. But I would have liked to see more worldbuilding outside of the monsters. The reader relied on Askari’s lack of knowledge surrounding modern day conveniences and scene setting to show the current state of the world. I would have liked to know a bit more about the history of the world when the monsters first appeared to have a solid foundation. The beginning of the novel was a bit slow for me as I acclimated to the world in Tentacles and Teeth. But I do have to say, Asakri’s fascination with refrigerators was great attention to detail for her character.

Askari is a typical teenager who thinks she knows what’s best, and doesn’t see the full scope of the risks she takes. While she often thinks she is doing the right thing, even if it goes against the rules, she soon finds out that rules are there for a reason. Watching Askari on her journey, and learning for herself what works and doesn’t work in this new world was a great story. The dialogue at times was simplistic and filler, but overall Askari’s progression was an entertaining read. While she learns that some rules are necessary, she still questions the actions of her community. Askari’s constant struggle to discover what she believes is best added to her character development and the overall plot.

Tentacles and Teeth is a great read for those who enjoy both post-apocalyptic and monster stories. It is an imaginative and fast paced novel. I look forward to the next book in this series to see how Askari’s story continues.

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