• Tabitha Tomala

Social Media for Bookworms

Let’s talk about social media built around books. I mean that is why we’re all here right? We share a mutual love of reading. And if you’re like most people right now, book clubs have been canceled, and you can’t visit your favorite bookstore. There are great online communities that readers can join to talk about books and review them. And I’m not talking about apps like Facebook or Meetup. Nope, I’m talking about apps and websites designed only for readers.

It goes without saying that the one most people think of is Goodreads. However, I’ve found people contacting me, asking if I have ever heard of it. Absolutely! This was the first social media site I joined to share and read reviews. So, for those who are unfamiliar with the site, here is a quick rundown. You can search for books to add to lists. You’ll start with a basic to read, currently reading and have read set up, but you can customize and add different lists. You can also browse different genres to look for your next read or ask the community for recommendations. Goodreads does have a friend and follow option, so you can connect with like-minded bookworms. I love finding reviews on books I’ve read and sharing my thoughts with the reviewer.

My second favorite book app is Litsy. This is a newer platform owned by LibraryThing. When I first joined, I loved that I had the option to import my book lists from Goodreads. I jumped on the chance so I wouldn’t have to manually add all my books. You’ll have similar options to add books as reading, to read and have read. When making a post, you’ll be able to post a review, blurb, or quote. The best part is the community of Littens that are welcoming and chatty. You can comment on anyone’s post about a book, and it is encouraged you do so to strike up conversations. Once you find out who reads similar books to you, and you start to gain a list of people to follow, you won’t run out of things to talk about! Some Littens will also create posts that are trivia based or ask questions about your favorite books. There is always something to chat about on Litsy!

LibraryThing is a website similar to Goodreads, but I find that it isn’t as user friendly. There are a few more hoops to jump through to search for books and write reviews, but there is a community forum feature that Goodreads does not have. You can also sign up to be an Early Reviewer and request free books in exchange for an honest review. Every month I take a look at the new batch of books they have for early review. I also like the feature where other readers can add suggestions to similar books based on what you are currently reading. I find it is much more accurate than Goodreads automated suggestion system. I also like that I can add to the suggested lists based on my experiences as well.

And the last website I will mention is Online Book Club. Unfortunately, there is no app, but this is a great environment for fans of indie books. You can sign up to be a book reviewer and be paid for your reviews. Keep in mind the first review you won’t be paid for since it’s their version of teaching you the ropes. Some guidelines must be followed for your reviews to be posted, but it’s a fun way to earn a little extra income. It is highly recommended you are active on their forums to earn better payment for books. Plus, I’ve found quite a few forum topics to become engaged in and pass the time. Why not give it a try?

Are you a member of any social media apps/sites for bookworms? Are there any you know of that I didn't mention? I'd love to know and connect with you!

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