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SFINCS Finalist Score – We're All Monsters by Amy Marsden

It's time for our team Behind the Musings to start releasing our finalist scores! Two of our books from round one made it through to the finalists. Because of this we wanted to come together as a team and relook at our final scores before releasing them. And it is time!

If you want to keep up with the scores released from all the SFINCS teams you can check out the SFINCS site!


We're All Monsters by Amy Marsden book cover
We're All Monsters by Amy Marsden

Blurb for We're All Monsters

When Anna is invited to a secluded retreat full of selfish, greedy humans, of course she doesn’t say no. Not only did she manipulate the CEO of the world’s largest oil corporation, Peter Beyer, into organising the four-day getaway in the first place, but no self-respecting vampire would ever turn down such easy prey. Her weekend gets even better when she meets Saira, one of Peter Beyer’s employees, and they begin a whirlwind affair. Blood and beautiful women are Anna’s idea of a great time.

She should have known it was too good to be true.

Hunters are dangerous, deadly, and dedicated to eradicating vampires. When a group of them turn up at the retreat, Anna must use her centuries of experience to escape their ever-closing net. Will she get out unscathed, or will they finally catch up to her? Will she give into her intense and unexpected feelings for Saira, or will she leave her to burn as she destroys all evidence she was ever there?

A fresh twist on urban fantasy, with an added splash of sapphic romance.

What Team Behind the Musings thought of We're All Monsters

Full reviews can be found on the Behind the Musings SFINCS Hub as well as on the individual blogger’s websites.

"This is a well-rounded story that lays out Anna’s goals and history from the start. The reader quickly understands why she wants to murder the entire Board of an oil corporation. If companies won’t help stop climate change or any other myriad of major issues, in comes Anna, buster of bad businesses. Aside from the Board’s detrimental capitalism, it is also apparent that they are less-than-stellar humans. This only sweetens the deal for Anna." ~ A Literary Escape

"I loved the character of Anna and how she manipulates the situation to get everybody to the hotel so that she can feed with wild abandon and rid the world of misogynistic corporate types.

As the story is a first person narrative her snarky view of the world oozes off the pages and I couldn't help but fall in love with her character." ~ Fantasy Book Nerd

"I really enjoyed this novella. The main character was deliciously brash, over-confident, powerful, sexy and totally in control of any situation she found herself in—hardly surprising for a centuries-old vampire whose other-worldly beauty is captivating and irresistible to humans." ~ Sue's Musings

"The story truly takes off when hunters enter the scene, forcing Anna into making quick decisions. Instead of taking her time to pick and choose which human to dine on next, she must fight for her life. Though it takes a bit to reach this point, once the action starts it doesn’t stop. Right up until the final moments of the novella, Anna will be fighting for survival. We’re All Monsters Here is for those who enjoy dark urban fantasy and spicy romance." ~ Behind the Pages

"I thought it was interesting the way Anna’s experience and careful planning fell apart so easily and completely. Even the parts of the plan she was able to stick to (the hiding of the evidence) went quite badly. Watching her try to pivot was entertaining. Anna was a contradiction of sorts. She was condescending and considered herself judge and jury. However, she also went out of her way to gather together people who did horrible things, so she did have a conscience of sorts." ~ Witty and Sarcastic Book Club


Speculative Fiction Indie Novella Championship Finalist badge
Speculative Fiction Indie Novella Championship Finalist badge

Final Team Score out of 10: 7

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