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SFINCS Finalist Score – The Collector's Lost Things by Jessica A McMinn

It's time for our team Behind the Musings to start releasing our finalist scores! This time we'll be announcing our final score for The Collector's Lost Things by Jessica A McMinn.

If you want to keep up with the scores released from all the SFINCS teams you can check out the SFINCS site!


The Collector's Lost Things by Jessica A McMinn book cover
The Collector's Lost Things by Jessica A McMinn

Blurb for The Collector's Lost Things

Blind Those Who See…

Rei-Hai Shaw is a Collector, and he is very good.

At just thirteen years old, Rei became the youngest recruit ever to join the ranks of the Tower, the shadowy organisation that oversees the fulfilment of Whyt’hallen’s darkest requests.

Favoured by the masters but distrusted by his peers, Rei comes to learn the price of his accolades when the Tower demands more than the simple procurement of trinkets.

They want him to steal lives, too.

When his latest missions thrusts him back into the world of his childhood, Rei is painfully reminded of all he left behind—and what he can’t bear to lose again.

What Team Behind the Musings thought of The Collector's Lost Things

Full reviews can be found on the Behind the Musings SFINCS Hub as well as on the individual blogger’s websites.

"The story was complex and intriguing, filled with fast-paced action, edge of the seat moments when I thought Rei was going to be discovered, even forbidden romance and I found it thoroughly compelling. I love a story with dramatic irony, where the reader knows more than a character involved in a situation and is kept wondering what will be the outcome when they find out what has happened. Oh, and there is a bird animal companion, which is always a winner!  Jessica A. McMinn is definitely an indie author to watch out for." ~ Sue's Musings

"The world building itself is excellent. A lot is given in a way that felt natural and flowed with the narrative. While this stands alone well, I do wonder if the novella would resonate better with readers who have already met these characters in The Ruptured Sky. The Collector’s Lost Things would be great for fans of darker fantasy, who want an introduction to deep and conflicted characters." ~ Witty and Sarcastic Book Club

"At its heart, THE COLLECTOR’S LOST THINGS is about recognizing who matters and working to keep hold of it. The writing is great as are the descriptions, particularly as Rei carries out his mission. While not grimdark, this novella is on the darker side, so readers should take note of any content warnings." ~ A Literary Escape

"The Tower is whispered and alluded to in the series, but by reading this novella readers will see the inner workings and culture of the organization. And for those new to the series, it will lay down the foundation of who Rei is as a character, and what the Tower stole from him both physically and mentally. New readers will also be able to experience a sample of Jessica A McMinn’s brilliant character development and emotional depth." ~ Behind the Pages


Speculative Fiction Indie Novella Championship Finalist badge
Speculative Fiction Indie Novella Championship Finalist badge

Final Team Score out of 10: 7

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