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Miss: The Girl in Disguise by Z Jeffries | Book Review

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Book Review of Miss: The Girl in Disguise
Miss: The Girl in Disguise by Z Jeffries


Book Review

Thank you to Z Jeffries for providing me with a copy for an honest review!

Be prepared to hit the ground running, because Miss: The Girl in Disguise drops readers straight into a new game. Only this time Harla is the captain. Stuck on the sidelines for six months, Chase has been temporarily suspended from gameplay due to events from the previous novel. But as his time to shine approaches, he’s going to find being captain isn’t so easy this time. When his old team turns their back on him, he’s left scrambling to pick up the pieces.

A new point of view enters the stage and readers are allowed to see Harla’s side of the story in addition to Chase. The animosities Chase and Harla feel towards one another are intense. Z Jeffries did a great job building the rivalry between them. And as a reader, I knew a lot of Chase's anger was unfounded, but it supports how young he is. For a fifteen year old, Chase has a lot sitting on his shoulders. The combination of home life and MC² puts him in a tough spot and he tends to take his anger out on Harla and the old team.

MC² reaches a new level of intensity in Miss: The Girl in Disguise. While Chase is out to win, Harla is hunting down information on the Council. As the game takes on a new level of danger, it proves to Harla that she must take down the masterminds behind it. But Chase is determined to win and overthrowing the Council is the last thing on his mind.

As the two characters battle through the arena, I found myself immersed in creative battle tactics and mind bending technology. There were a few times I felt lost as the shift in location jarred me, but the sheer intensity of the battles kept me engaged. Fans of mech battles and sci-fi brawls will love this book. This was a great addition to the Hide & Seek series! I can’t wait to read the next one!

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About the Author

I’m Z, though some folks know me as Zack, Zachary, or Joshua Novak (my adult SFF pen name, free short grimdark stories at Thanks for your interest in what I’m writing!

For those who don’t know, I’m a non-practicing Jewish white guy with a wife, kid, and dog living in the Midwestern suburbs. My interests include cheese, space travel, and whether we’ll be allowed cheese while traveling space. I also worry a lot of politics and social justice.


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