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Magic in the Shadows by Devon Monk Book Review

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Book review for Magic in the Shadows by Devon Monk
Magic in the Shadows by Devon Monk

Magic in the Shadows Book Review

Magic has not only physically marked Allie’s skin, but it’s also implanted the remnants of her father’s soul inside her mind. The two never had a good relationship while he was alive and now he’s living inside her head. Allie’s only hope of exercising her father is the secret magical organization called The Authority. But they may wipe her ability to do magic quicker than they will help her. Allie must prove to The Authority she isn’t a danger to herself or society. All the while waging a mental war with her father.

Knowing Allie’s father is living inside her mind, and most likely able to see and hear everything she does, brings an extra level of unsettledness to the story. Allie herself begins to feel awkward and insecure as she begins to question everything she does in her personal and professional life. Of course, it doesn’t help that Allie has no way to escape her father whispering condescension in her ear. Not to mention the memories Devon Monk introduces to the storyline of his treatment of her and his misuse of Influence, making Allie do things in life (and now in his death) she hated.

Though some of the comments he makes about her choices aren’t entirely unfounded. Emphasis on some as his character is entirely controlling and slimy. Allie throws herself at danger. Thankfully she has characters who support her and look out for her well being. But it would help if she listened to their advice. Magic in the Shadows is an action-packed ride, but the incentive for the action needed to deviate away from Allie’s bad choices. It seems to be a common theme throughout these reviews, but the plot is littered with repetitiveness. Between Allie doing everything people told her not to, and the disturbing imagery from her father and the Veiled, the writing needs a refresh.

But there is a plethora of new information given to the reader on the nature of magic and its uses. Not to mention some underlying tension and mystery from secondary characters who make their first appearance in this novel. With an abundance of potential, it’s hard not to demand the next book just to see what direction the story will take. Here’s to hoping with all the exciting new threads introduced, the story will grow less repetitive.

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