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Dragons Walk Among Us by Dan Rice Book Review

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Book Review

Thank you to Black Phoenix Book Tours for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

Allison is an aspiring photojournalist. She wants nothing more than to share her photos with the world, but the popular girl in school shares her same dream. And because of it, Allison is subject to constant bullying and slander against her heritage. Yet despite it all, she has a wonderful crew of friends who have her back and help her weather the darker days. Until the night she is viciously attacked while out visiting her friend Joe. Blinded by the trauma caused to her head, Allison’s dreams of photography are shattered. The only hope she has of seeing again is an experimental surgery. Grasping at the chance, Allison agrees to undergo the surgery. But when she discovers she can finally see again, there’s something not quite right. For some reason she now sees dragons hovering above people. Are her eyes malfunctioning, or did they open the door to a hidden world?

Dragons Walk Among Us has a fascinating concept of dragons inhabiting the Earth and hiding in plain sight. Add to that the hidden war between dragons and skaags and there is plenty of tension to go around. The lore surrounding the two opposing sides was interesting, and I would love to know more about their home and the history of the dragons and skaags. Layered in is Allison’s discovery of who she is and how she may in fact play an integral part in the ensuing battles between dragon and skaag.

While the story does build up Allison’s self-discovery, it also tries to tackle the subject of bullying. Readers will witness Allison become the subject of harassment and Allison tells the readers one of the main causes of her being bullied is her Asian heritage. But it is more telling than showing. If Allison had not mentioned the cause of her bullying, readers could easily assume it was due to the social dynamics of the popular crowd and pure jealousy. Allison also seemed quick to judge people as racist without them necessarily committing acts that would be labeled as such.

Friendship is an integral part of Allison’s character as well though, and she almost always has her friends by her side. No matter how risky the situation, they are more than willing to help Allison through whatever challenges come her way. And while Allison may not be the most receptive to romantic relationships, she remains steadfast in her commitment to maintaining her friends. And given her age, the reader may at times become frustrated by her outbursts and assumptions, but it is also understandable.

Dragons Walk Among Us is a book for readers who enjoy a younger cast of characters facing off against supernatural forces. The writing is simple and quick, allowing for a faster read at a younger level. If you enjoy fantasy novels involving the themes of hidden worlds this will be a book to try.

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