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Cora Christensen by Tanner Howsden 2023 SFINCs Book Review

SFINCS 2023 Championship Banner
SFINCS 2023 Championship Banner

This review is part of the Speculative Fiction Indie Novella Championship (SFINCS). SFINCS, pronounced “sphinx”. This is a yearly competition to recognize, honor, and celebrate the talent and creativity present in the indie community. It’s a sister competition to both SPFBO and SPSFC, and it highlights greatness in the novella format in all areas of speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, horror, etc.).

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Cora Christensen by Tanner Howsden  book cover
Cora Christensen by Tanner Howsden

Blurb for Cora Christensen

Ten years ago, Cora Christensen openly embraced her identity as a trans woman. Her father did not take it well. He burned her bras, refused to acknowledge her gender, and called her a pervert before exiling her from his home.

Following his untimely passing, she has reluctantly returned to put his affairs in order. But after receiving a threatening call addressed to her deadname, she finds herself in the middle of a nightmare facing a crazed gunman, a disappearing child, and a house that aims to gaslight her at every turn.

Beyond the nightmare lies a simple every choice we make changes our lives and the lives of those around us, including the choices we don't make.


Book Review for Cora Christensen

When Cora embraced her identity as a trans woman, her father disrespected her and refused to embrace her true self. Cora was thrown out and became distant from her father. When he passes away, she is tasked with settling his affairs. Returning to his house, Cora will find it unsettling in many ways.

The writing style of Cora Christensen will draw readers into an emotionally packed mystery. As Cora explores her late father’s house, not everything is as it appears. Strange things begin to happen to Cora, including a threatening phone call to her dead name and a mysterious young boy who disappears. The longer she stays, the more invested she becomes in figuring out what is occurring.

As Cora explores the house, she will find herself faced with a new reality of choices. Ones she never made, but another version of herself has lived. And each new path she discovers shows how drastically different her current relationships could have been. Caught between two realities, Cora strives to put the pieces together and discover what happened to her alternate self.

Cora Christensen has a wonderful build-up of tension and apprehension as the story progresses. The range of emotions readers will experience as they follow Cora along on her journey is intense. Readers who enjoy mystery/thrillers need to pick up this novella.

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