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Bound to the Fate of Kings Cover Reveal

I'm excited today to bring you the cover reveal for Bound to the Fate of Kings by Jamie Jackson!


Blurb for Bound to the Fate of Kings

In the beginning, there is no known year, no known location. There is only Aisa and her two sisters, three witches whose lives are tied to Fate. She is awakened one night and drawn outside to witness a portent of things to come. Events she and her sisters are expected to bring to pass: to find a king who is not yet king and crown him. What finds them is Beolin, a lord in service to King Duncan and the king's brother, Malcolm, a man who is marked by blood and the breath of the dragon he wishes he was. As Aisa leads Beolin along the path that will lead to the crown she believes Malcolm will bear in his brother's place, she will have to choose whether to fight an unstoppable force or follow the only trail she's ever known to take.

Bound to the Fate of Kings Banner
Bound to the Fate of Kings Banner

About the Author

Author Jamie Jackson
Author Jamie Jackson

Jamie lives with her husband, three feral children and two badly behaved dogs.

Her favorite pastimes are watching too many documentaries, reading any and all genres she can get her hands on, and when she remembers to get the ingredients, baking.

She has BAs in English and Theatre, her favorite part of which was working backstage on traveling Broadway productions.

You can follow her on Twitter: @VillainLeaning

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