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Bookish Info | Book Talk

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

I was tagged by Sarah over at Millennial Book Review! The original idea came from Books and Chocaholic where she made a tag video. Now is your chance to learn more about my reading habits, good or bad ;)

Bookish Info | Book Talk

1. How many books on average do you read per month?

I read about ten books a month. My goal is to read 100 books this year, the same goal I’ve set for a few years running. I’ve missed it every year due to reading slumps. However, this year is going to be different!

2. How many books are on your TBR?

382…. that’s not too many, right? If it weren’t for Goodreads, I wouldn’t be able to keep track of all the books I want to read. 😊 I would like to knock that number down quite a bit this year, but I just keep finding more books! What’s that saying? Too many books too little time?

Bookish Info | Book Talk

3. How are your books organized on your shelves?

The only books I have organized are my Dragonlance novels. Being the fangirl I am, I own all 200+ and they are in chronological order! All my other books fend for themselves and fit wherever I can place them grouped by their series.

4. Which genres do you read the most from?

High fantasy and urban fantasy are my top two genres. I also read a healthy dose of young adult novels, but even then, I stray towards the fantasy ones. Though lately, I’ve been reading a slew of YA books based on tough situations for some reason.

Bookish Info | Book Talk

5. Which genres do you own the most of?

Hands downs fantasy. 90% of my book collection is fantasy.

6. What is your preferred form of reading (physical, eBooks, etc.)?

If I had been asked this two years ago, I would have said physical books. I was a stickler for physical books and swore off eBooks. But then I started to dabble with eBooks and found they are just so much easier to take with me places. I take out my phone and open up my latest book and don’t have to worry about messing up my pages, or cracking the spine.

7. Who is your most owned author?

Margaret Weis, one of the first Dragonlance authors.

Bookish Info | Book Talk

8. Describe your favorite writing style?

I am extremely picky. I prefer books that aren’t heavy on description. I don’t want to read page upon page of description down to the buttons on someone's clothing. Unfortunately, that means authors like Robert Jordan and Anne Rice are not my favorites. I also need a healthy dose of character development in order to enjoy a book. I don't want to read about characters that have everything already, I want to see them earn what they have and struggle to get there.

9. What literary devices do you like/dislike?

When an author can hit the right tone with their writing it makes the story all the more emotionally powerful. Exposition is also something that needs to be used correctly, or else it's information overload for me. And please save the point of view switching for someone else. I don't like to read about head-hopping characters. I need clear boundaries like paragraph breaks or separate chapters.

Bookish Info | Book Talk

10. Which character archetypes do you enjoy?

I am a big fan of the antihero. The intelligence and sarcastic wit that tends to come with the territory are what I enjoy. Jorg from Mark Lawrence's Broken Empire trilogy is the perfect example. Jorg is a vindictive 14 years old, capable of doing anything to exact his revenge. I need to circle back and write a full review of the trilogy. It is by far one of my favorites.

11. Which are your favorite book settings?

Anything that doesn't take place in the real world. As I said, I do enjoy some YA fiction, but I prefer to be swept up in fantasy.

Bookish Info | Book Talk

12. Which are your favorite romantic and plot tropes?

I don't have a favorite romantic trope. I will never pick a book for romance. And if there is romance in a book, it has to feel real. Falling in love instantly, or having relationships with zero issues is not realistic. As for a favorite plot trope, I would say my favorite is always when the villain becomes the somewhat good guy. Me and my anti-heroes ;)

Time to tag some people to join!

Have Fun!

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