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Bewitching Video Poetry Written by LindaAnn LoSchiavo, Performed by Dylan Dagenais

I first fell in love with poetry when I was introduced to Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost in high school. It never ceases to amaze me how poets can use so few words to express such a depth of emotion and variety of images. When LindaAnn LoSchiavo asked me to review her poetry book, A Route Obscure and Lonely, I jumped at the chance to read her creative mix of horror and fantasy poems.

It's no wonder she has been featured on sites such as Cemetery Dance and The Wapshott Press. Readers will be swept up in the throes of love just as easily as they will be drawn into the shadows with LoSchiavo's words. From the relationships of the Gods, to chance encounters with the supernatural, A Route Obscure and Lonely will take readers on fantastical journeys.

But then she took it a step further and teamed up with Dylan Dagenais to create video poems. His smooth voice adds a chilling melody to her poem Footprints in the Snow, a Science Fiction Poetry Association contest winner. Readers will be drawn in, goosebumps raised as he speaks of hauntings and supernatural mystery.

Featured on Lidea Magazine, Dylan is a voice-over actor with a wide range of talent. Voice-overs, music, podcasts, and more; Dylan is never short on creative outlets. And each of the poems he voiced for LindaAnn LoSchiavo shows another facet of his repertoire. Take for instance Night on Bald Mountain. Dylan's voice brings to the poem a sense of foreboding and escalates the situation, making the reader apprehensive of what will happen next.

Has a chill crept down your spine listening to these haunting yet beautiful poems? What about this next one where an unknowing realtor meets a grisly end? Even before the poem reveals the man's untimely demise, Dylan's voice lures the listener in, hinting at what could happen.

A Route Obscure and Lonely is the perfect October read. Vampires, hauntings, mystery, and so much more can be found within it's pages. I have a feeling LindaAnn LoSchiavo has only begun to show us the depth of her talent. Subscribe to her YouTube Channel and make sure you don't miss the next video poem release.

A Route Obscure and Lonely is available for purchase through Amazon.

You can find more of Dylan Dagenais' work over at his website.

And if you're interested in my full review of A Route Obscure and Lonely it can be found here.

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