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The Ascension Machine by Rob Edwards | Book Review

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The Ascension Machine by Rob Edwards | Book Review
The Ascension Machine by Rob Edwards

Book Review

Thank you to Rob Edwards for providing me with a copy for an honest review!

Grey has been jumping from one place to another, stealing just enough to get by and taking up the odd job now and then. Until his latest theft lands him in front of Mirabor Gravane. But Gravane isn’t going to turn him into the authorities. Instead, he offers Grey a job. One that seems a bit too easy. If Grey pretends to be Mirabor long enough for him to slip away from his parent’s watchful eyes, he’ll give Grey a large payout. And while Grey knows there must be a catch, he decides to take the job. Little does he know, he’s about to join the Justice Academy in Gravane’s place. A college for superheroes.

Grey is such a great character to follow. Even though he’s been conning and stealing his way through life, he isn’t inherently a bad person. He just doesn’t know any other way to live, until he mistakenly ends up at the Justice Academy. While Grey tries to keep himself separate from the other future heroes, he is drawn into their friendship. After living so long alone, Grey finally can find a place to call home and people he can count on. Of course, there is the small matter that he is currently living a lie which brings wonderful tension into the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed how Rob Edwards allowed Grey to remain in character. It gave Grey time to reflect on what he was doing and develop into a better person. Not to mention it provided some comical mishaps and showcased his ability to think quickly. The overall tone of The Ascension Machine is animated, allowing readers to become engaged in a fast-paced and fun story. Amidst the good-natured friendships and interactions, there is also everyday school pressure and the occasional villain to take down. These superheroes in training have a wide range of abilities and skills, and they are not afraid to use everything they have to save people.

My favorite character, however, was Gadget Dude. He was a character of few words, but through body language and brief moments of dialogue, Rob Edwards created a character just as influential as the rest. For the most part, he tinkered with parts and created gadgets as the rest of the group held conversations or tried to plan their next move. I loved how Gadget Dude was front and center with the group despite being so quiet.

The Ascension Machine is a story suitable for the younger crowd, but can just as easily be enjoyed by adults. It is filled with humor, as well as strong themes of friendship and acceptance. With a wonderful mix of characters and personalities, there is never a dull moment. I am eager to see where the next story takes our heroes.

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