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Credible Threats by Daniel Meyer Book Review

Credible Threats by Daniel Meyer book cover
Credible Threats by Daniel Meyer

Credible Threats Book Review

Thank you to Daniel Meyer for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

Sam Adams is a teenage wizard who has no desire to draw attention to himself. When he finds out about a new drug on the street called Hex, his investigation will put him straight into the line of fire. While Hex might give humans magical powers, it comes with deadly consequences. Tensions between the Southside and Northside are bad enough as it is, let alone adding Hex into the mix. Sam will find himself up against impossible odds, as tempers and situations escalate.

Credible Threats is an action-filled sarcastic ride. Sam’s response to tough situations is to drop sarcastic humor which helps break tension and propel the story forward. And as soon as Sam mentioned his cat’s name was Catrick Swayze I couldn’t help but laugh. Catrick is quite the character. He serves as a voice of reason for Sam, calling him out on risky ideas, and helps where he can with his own brand of magic.

But make no mistake, there are also darker themes lying in wait for the reader. Throughout Credible Threats, Sam deals with the loss of a close friend. Flashbacks and emotional scenes will immerse readers in Sam’s regrets and solidify his reason for moving forward despite the risks. And the writing captures all of this in a way suitable for young adult readers. The action sequences have cut-away scenes perfectly timed to allow readers to enjoy the story without too much detail. The depth of emotion portrayed for Sam’s character is relatable and readers will root for him through every tough decision he has to make.

Credible Threats is for readers who enjoy fast-paced urban fantasy novels. Daniel Meyer does not pull punches for the characters but skillfully captures their struggles both mentally and physically. This is suitable reading for both adults and young adults.

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