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Why Write Book Reviews? | Book Talk

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Reviews, reviews, reviews. If you follow my blog, you’ll notice the majority of what I post is book reviews. And I don’t just review books that I'm requested for, I literally review every book I read. So why in the world do I write book reviews?

Reason One is that I want to show support for authors. The amount of time and hard work that goes into writing a book deserves recognition. As an aspiring author myself, I know that writing isn’t easy. A person pours possibly years of their hard work into a single book, and the least I can do is review it for them. Do you realize how happy you can make someone by writing a book review? I’ve had authors reach out to me excited that I enjoyed their book. And it makes me glad to know that I might have just brightened someone’s day.

But what if I didn’t like the book?

Reason Two is that when I find flaws in a book, I offer constructive criticism in my reviews. I have had authors e-mail me and ask how they can improve their next story after reading one of my reviews. My degree is focused on writing, and I do my best to help writers reach their goals. I will never be outright rude, or negative. I admit some of my early reviews back in the day before I went to school might not be the best. I’m working on re-reading books and revamping my reviews. So, if you find some strays on Goodreads I haven’t caught, trust me I will get to it!

Reason Three is pretty simple. I love reading, writing, and talking about books. I hope that by reading my reviews, it encourages more people to read the books. I also hope that it can strike up a conversation with like-minded bookworms. There are so many books out there, but if you happen to enjoy similar books, maybe you will find a new author or two as you read my reviews.

Do you review books? If so, what are your reasons why?

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