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When Colour Became Grey by A. C. Lorenzen | Book Review

Updated: May 1, 2021

When Colour Became Grey by A.C. Lorenzen | Book Review
When Colour Became Grey by A.C. Lorenzen

Book Review

Thank you to Reedsy Discovery for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review!

Ameerah’s life comes to a sudden halt when a car skids into her on the way home. Her ghost is sent to the parallel world Idolon, a place where vampires and molochs roam. If she can kill the demons that stalk the night, for a set amount of years, she is guaranteed a new start in her old life. A clean slate as if her death never happened. But it isn’t just the demons she has to worry about. People can be just as treacherous. Ameerah will battle human and monster alike, as she learns to navigate her new life, or rather, death.

The world of Idolon is filled with ghosts and monsters, making the time Ameerah spends filled with conflict. The focus of the story is on Ameerah and her developing relationships and struggles as she tries to come to terms with what she must do. Learning her way around a gun and a fight takes up most of the story, but the training does not become tedious or boring. Instead, you watch as Ameerah battles with herself to become a better and stronger woman.

The main focus of the story is on Ameerah and her need to belong. There are less hunting and fighting scenes than expected, and the fantasy elements seem to be placed into the background as the story progresses. There are moments where she continues out her mission to hunt down the demons, but the scenes tend to be shorter than when there is drama in Ameerah’s daily life. I would certainly recommend this book to readers who enjoy relationships filled with drama and a bit of tragedy.

The world-building was enough to establish the base rules of the world, but the settings in Idolon needed a bit more description. The main hang out for Ameerah and her crew was well laid out, but anytime they went out on a hunt, or date, I felt like I didn’t quite know where they were. I also wanted more of an explanation behind some of the healing mechanics, but I have a feeling that may be in store for a follow up book.

When Colour became Grey has a little bit of mystery, romance and fantasy added to the mix. If you enjoy watching characters grow and develop this is the book for you. Ameerah goes through many different stages of her new life, and there is plenty to come with the next installment!

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