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Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab Book Review

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Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab
Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab

Book Review

The next stop for Cassidy on her parent’s ghost tour is Paris. But her time exploring the sites and eating fine French pastries is soon to become haunted. As her parents' film inside the Tunnel of Bones, something awakens when Cassidy and Jacob cross into the Veil. A presence lingers around Cassidy, causing mischief and mayhem. Something, not even her abilities as a ghost hunter will allow her to send on. But time is ticking as the ghost grows stronger, turning simple tricks into potentially deadly mishaps.

When Cassidy and Jacob begin to explore the Tunnel of Bones, Victoria Schwab blends fact with fiction to create a creepy and unsettling scene. Picture tunnels created from bones and rows of skulls staring out at you as you walk by. Now imagine how Cassidy feels, a girl who can see ghosts and feel the lingering presence of those unable to pass on. It’s no wonder she attracts the attention of a mischievous little spirit. One who has been lost among the bones for a long time.

Each new encounter with the ghost will build apprehension, leaving readers wondering what will happen next and what new way the ghost will find to torment Cassidy. It will take a combination of Cassidy and Jacob’s clever thinking to trap the ghost haunting them. But for the pair to even have a chance, they will have to find out the mystery surrounding who the ghost is and how they died. And not only is Cassidy’s life at stake but anyone who is near her as well.

But the new ghost isn’t the only thing Cassidy has to worry about. Cassidy and Jacob have been having difficulties with their friendship. While she may be a ghost hunter, Cassidy doesn’t want to send her best friend on. Yet she can’t help but notice Jacob is growing stronger. His personality hasn’t changed, and he’s still just as dedicated a friend, but doubt begins to creep into Cassidy’s mind. Could Jacob potentially become as dangerous as the ghost haunting them? Through the trials Jacob and Cassidy face, Victoria Schwab reinforces for readers the importance of communication and trust in a friendship.

Tunnel of Bones was a thrilling sequel to City of Ghosts. It upped the tension and chilling tones, while also maintaining the relationships that make the story so enticing to read. I encourage readers of all ages to give the Cassidy Blake series a try.

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