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The Seventh Cadence by Jim Wilbourne Book Review

Updated: Feb 2

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The Seventh Cadence by Jim Wilbourne book cover
The Seventh Cadence by Jim Wilbourne

The Seventh Cadence Book Review

The Deseran Dominion seeks to reclaim lands lost to King Jeremiah, and reunify people under their religious doctrine to the Wizard Titan. And if they are to succeed, their fanatical ways will be forced on the people they rule over. As they launch an invasion, the fates of Gabriel, Tele, Navid, Amie, and her sister Mara will become interwoven. Each has their part to play against the Dominion from succeeding, even if they don’t realize it.

Jim Wilbourne works with multiple characters' POVs and takes time to immerse the reader in each character’s story. They have such different experiences throughout the novel, yet their stories fit together extremely well. Readers will find themselves emotionally invested in the characters as they experience tragedy and revelation. Each of them will find their views of the world constantly expanding as the story progresses.

The pacing of The Seventh Cadence was so well done. Enough time is spent with each character to really understand where they are coming from, and who they are to become. Not a single POV was left without emotionally charged scenes and self-discovery. Towards the end of the novel, their POVs gradually become more clipped and intense. This builds such an enormous amount of tension as everyone’s life and future hangs in the balance. I had to make myself slow down because of the driving need to know what was going to happen.

There is also a delightful new take on dragons and mystery surrounding magic. Magic for the most part was lost with Wizard Titan’s sudden departure. Having seen how the world was using magic, Titan chose to leave it behind instead of laying witness to his creation being used for evil. There are those who keep the histories and information called Keepers, but they are being eradicated from the world. Tele is one of the characters charged with maintaining knowledge of magic and the world’s inner workings until Wizard Titan reappears. Through Tele, readers will rediscover magic and the capabilities it could have for both good and evil. Including the emergence of dragons and the unique twist seen on them.

I highly recommend The Seventh Cadence to fans of high fantasy. There is always something to keep the reader’s attention, whether it is the inner turmoil the characters are facing or an outside threat. The world building is so artfully layered into the story, accenting the experience and fully immersing readers. I cannot wait to see what else Jim Wilbourne writes, I am fully invested in this world.

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