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The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes Book Review

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The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes book cover
The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


The Inheritance Games Book Review

Avery Grambs is looking forward to the day she graduates high school and can leave behind her complicated home life. But the chance to leave arrives much sooner than she could ever have imagined. When billionaire Tobias Hawthorne passes away, he wills most of his fortune to Avery. There’s just one condition, Avery has to stay in the Hawthorne house for an entire year with the family members he left behind. Ones who are none too pleased Avery has gained Hawthorne’s fortune.

The Inheritance Games sets up multiple layers of mystery to entice readers. The overall question of why Avery was chosen as Hawthorne’s heir is just the start. Along the way, Hawthorn sets riddles and puzzles for readers to solve alongside Avery. There is also a mounting tension as Avery is left wondering who to trust. And her own naivety may just land her in a large amount of trouble. It’s a whole new world Avery must navigate, both inside Hawthorne House and outside it with the notoriety of being Hawthorne’s heir.

This is a quick easy young adult read. There are multiple love triangles mentioned, but while the story touches on romantic attraction, the romance by no means dominates the plot. It is more so background information to lead the reader into wondering about certain characters’ motives. And while playing with character emotions provided misdirection for the reader, there did need to be more. Most of the situations Avery finds herself in are easy to see through. With a little more added detail and smoke screening, it would have upped the mystery and doubt for readers.

The Inheritance Games is a fun read despite the mysteries being on the easier side to solve. There is also a slow reveal of the darker side of the Hawthorne family as Avery solves each new challenge. Readers who enjoy young adult mysteries should give this one a try. And I have hopes the second book will divulge more family secrets.

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