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Scents of Sandalwood and Rain by Carter Thomas

Book One

Self Published

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Follow Shan Xianyan as he moves into Anxiang Valley to continue his studies as an Alpha. The serene valley is nothing like he is used to, filled with rules and separate housing for Alphas and Omegas. Shan Xianyan is a magnet for trouble, and it doesn’t take him long to disturb the lives of his fellow students. Omega Liu Zuan catches him in the act of sneaking alcohol onto the grounds and gives chase, unknowingly starting them down an interwoven path of friendship and love.

This is a novella that tells the love story of Shan Xianyan and Liu Zuan. There is little world-building, but it honestly isn’t necessary. There is enough dropped in to have a feel for the world they are in and it’s enough because the main focus is always on their relationship and building a family. Generally, I don’t read books with adult scenes, but the way Carter Thomas brings these characters to life drew me in. I’ve never seen an author successfully pull off his style of writing with such a fast-paced and emotional read.

Readers will follow along with all the ups and downs the two characters encounter while forming a lasting relationship. From insecurities and fears to cherished moments and pure joy, you’ll experience it all. The only thing I wish I could have seen more was the reinforcing of the rules and a bit more conflict. Some real tension to drive the characters apart and then closer together before they finally settled. But altogether, this is a feel-good book with heavy romance and the hint of fantasy.

I do recommend this for adult audiences only as it does contain adult scenes.