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Kings and Queens by J.N. Eagles | Book Review

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Kings and Queens by J.N. Eagles | Book Review
Kings and Queens by J.N. Eagles

Book Review

A huge thank you to J. N. Eagles for providing me a copy for an honest review!

When a young queen meets her future husband, she believes he will be a good man. But when the crown sits upon his head, greed begins to take hold. He casts the young queen aside, denying her the right to rule her lands. The queen begins her journey to discover who she is and how to turn her life around.

Written in the form of poetry, King and Queens is a fast-paced and enlightening read. This would be a great book to introduce teens to poetry. The rhymes are simple and to the point, and the story has an even flow. There are also great messages contained in the story. The queen never gives up hope, despite all the obstacles thrown in her path. She learns to believe in herself and to stand up for what she believes in.

King and Queens isn’t heavy on imagery, but this didn’t take away from the enjoyment I had while reading about the queen’s journey. There is plenty of conflict and action to keep readers invested and even a hint of romance. A fun and entertaining read!

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