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Kill Joy by Holly Jackson Book Review

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Book cover for Kill Joy by Holly Jackson
Kill Joy by Holly Jackson

Kill Joy Book Review

The last thing Pip wants to do is take time away from deciding the subject for her senior project. But when her friends insist she joins them for a 1920s murder mystery party, she reluctantly joins them. As the investigation kicks off, Pip finds herself eager to discover clues. And within all the excitement of uncovering the killer Pip may just find the answer to her senior project.

Kill Joy is a fun little snippet allowing readers to take a step back to see what inspired Pip to take on the Andy Bell case. It was interesting to see how averse Pip was to joining a murder mystery party. Yet as the story progresses, Pip gradually realizes that the way her mind works fits perfectly into piecing together clues. And it also foreshadows the intensity with which she investigates.

The Kill Joy murder mystery may just be a game, but Pip easily blurs the lines. While her friends pull practical jokes on one another and have an idle chit-chat, Pip remains laser focused on her task. She stays in character and furiously writes notes. There are even moments where her intensity is too much for her friends and it makes them uncomfortable. But it shows Pip’s determination to uncover the truth, no matter what.

Despite Kill Joy being a prequel to the trilogy for A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, I would suggest reading the trilogy first. Readers will glean a lot more from Pip and the reactions she has to her surroundings and information. This is the perfect book for those looking to jump back into Pip’s world after the conclusion of the trilogy.

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