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Girl Island by Kate Castle Book Review

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Girl Island by Kate Castle
Girl Island by Kate Castle

Book Review

Thank you to Kate Castle for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

With the loss of her father, Ellery is left to take care of the family farm alongside her brother and sometimes functional mother. When she earns an athletics scholarship to attend a private school, it's an opportunity she can’t pass up. But when the plane crashes on an island en route to the school, Ellery is stranded with a group of fellow students. And while some are convinced rescue is right around the corner, Ellery realizes it won’t be so easy. As days turn into weeks, tempers rise and the fight for survival will bring out the darkest parts of each student.

The dynamics between characters were phenomenally written. Readers will bond with certain characters throughout the story and grow to resent others. The variety of personalities propelled the story forward as the harsh reality of survival forced them each to contend with their strengths and weaknesses. And for some, realizing their limitations encouraged them to strike out at those who were more tuned to survival. Kate Castle created a blend of characters that will hook readers in and create a wonderful blend of emotional tension.

Ellery was able to read situations extremely well and pick up on personality traits that would cause trouble. While this gave her an advanced warning, she didn’t always know exactly what to do. When the power struggles began, and tension escalated, the drive to continue reading grew. Ellery was extremely level-headed, but as time passed readers could see the toll living on the island took on her and the other survivors. And knowing how her family still grieved the recent loss of her father, Ellery’s emotional response to her situation was amplified.

Girl Island is an intense blend of apprehension and suspense. The reader will never know what is lurking around the corner and what new challenges will arise. While the environment plays an integral part, the relationships between the characters will be the key to their overall state of mind and survival. This is a novel for those who enjoy a fast-paced survival tale with plenty of drama and harrowing experiences. I loved this novel!

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