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Gamble: Two Lives Away by Z Jeffries | Book Review

Gamble: Two Lives Away by Z Jeffries | Book Review
Gamble: Two Lives Away by Z Jeffries

Book Review

Thank you to Z Jeffries for providing me with a copy for an honest review!

Chase and Harla may be decades apart, but they are both fighting for the same cause. To end the game. Stolen from his time, Chase is forced to participate in a futuristic version of the game. His captors refuse to divulge any information and sedate him as they please. And in their original timeline, Harla is caught between enemies fighting for her life and those she cares about.

Dealing with two different timelines can be tricky. Especially if they are happening side by side in a narrative. But when you have advanced technology, it makes things a bit easier. As readers follow Chase in the future, he can watch games recorded in the past. And of course, he’s going to watch the very game he was stolen from. Z Jeffries keeps readers on the edge of their seats, pulling Chase and the readers away from the past events at pivotal moments. Readers are left wondering what has happened to the characters and if they even survived. You can’t help but continue reading, driving forward with the need to know what happened.

Gamble: Two Lives Away is an important book for Chase. He’s come a long way since book one. He’s loved, lost, and gained new insight into who he is as a person. When all his control is taken away by a mysterious person named the Gatherer, he fights all the more to do what is right. And as he sees the future laid out before him, he realizes things have to change.

With each new addition to The Hide and Seek Chronicles the stakes are raised. And separating the two best players in the game makes it all the more challenging to bring down the game. But readers are left to wonder if Chase is forced to fight in the future, is it even possible to end it? Harla and Chase certainly aren’t willing to give up and it will be an action-packed ride to watch them try and beat the odds.

And as if the book wasn’t already good enough, Gamble: Two Lives Away will have startling revelations for readers. I certainly didn’t see some of the twists. I love this series. The tech keeps evolving, characters are forced to push past their limits and I am constantly amazed at what Chase and Harla can accomplish.

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About the Author

Author Z Jeffries
Author Z Jeffries

Z Jeffries appreciates and sends love to every reader of every word he writes, even this one. This dad, husband, and dogfather is the author of the Hide & Seek teen sci-fi series. He's written plays performed by and in small theatres across the country, and has published some of those, some poetry, and some wicked dark adult fiction (dun-dun-DUN) under other made-up names. He writes exciting adventures brimming with inclusivity, heart, and imagination for nerdy readers of all ages.


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