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Broken Things by Lauren Oliver

Updated: Jul 12

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Broken Things by Lauren Oliver

A broken girl. An obsession turned deadly.

Summer was the glue that held Mia and Brynn together. But all that changed when she was brutally murdered. The two girls who had been her best friends became the Murderers of Brick House Lane. It didn’t matter if it was true or not. The town is convinced they did it. Brynn commits herself to rehab after rehab, in an effort to avoid what has happened. Mia hides in silence, barely able to speak. When the two girls are reunited, they begin to search for the truth of what happened.

Five years ago, the three girls began writing a sequel to their favorite novel, The Way into Lovelorn. They began to imagine being in Lovelorn, a world where they could leave behind all the troubles of their lives. Each of the three girls carried their own harsh realities. Flawed families, insecurities over who they were, and dark pasts. Lovelorn was supposed to be their escape. As the story unfolds, the reader is immersed in a dark world where a simple story becomes an obsession.

Being different in a small town isn’t easy, and Lauren Oliver immerses you in the lives of three misunderstood girls. I was lost in the words of dark memories and hidden truths, as Brynn and Mia strive to understand what happened five years ago. Walking in their shoes, reading as they were ridiculed, and gossiped about in their hometown, made me feel how painful it was for them to lose someone. They had no one to talk to, no one to mourn with. The town blamed them for Summer’s death, and they had to bear the burden alone. It’s no wonder their lives spiraled as they did.

This was a gripping read, intense and dark. It was more than just a murder mystery. It was a story about friendship, darkness, and obsession.

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