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Scarred by Damien Linnane | Book Tour

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

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Book Review of Damien Linnane
Scarred by Damien Linnane

About Scarred

There were five now. The mugger, the sex offender, the wife-beater, the drug-dealer. And of course, Peter. Jason hadn’t needed a gun to kill Peter.

Jason Ennis doesn’t understand why the world is such a confusing place. Why it’s so difficult to read between the lines, so hard to understand what people want, such a struggle to fit in. Not that he isn’t trying as he works a dead-end job and chips away at a degree that’s going nowhere.

But good things come to those who wait. Sometimes, when he least expects it, he gets a chance to make a real difference. To make the world a better place. By removing someone else from it. Someone who doesn’t fit in with his standards of behaviour, someone who reminds him of how they scarred him as a child.

Scarred is not for the squeamish. A poignant debut about serial killers on the streets of Sydney, it explores the addictiveness of vengeance and the tragic mistakes made by the misguided.


Praise for Scarred

Rating: 5 out of 5

Amazon *****

 A brutal tale of justice blinded by revenge… Scarred is exactly what the title suggests and Damien Linnane has carved a unique story telling path by bravely going to some violent and graphic places. It isn’t for the faint of heart but the places readers are taken make for a great story. (Lee Hall, author of ‘The Order of the Following’ series)


Newcastle Herald Weekender

“A brilliant fiction debut. There is never a dull moment in the 400-plus pages, written with street-smart thought patterns that make the characters come to life in Sydney as they blend into the people-scape.” (Jim Kellar, editor)

Rating: 5 out of 5

Amazon  *****

Inside a Killer’s Mind. Fantastic insights into a diagnosed mental state. (J Svenson, Author of ‘Direct Action’)


Book Review

Jason Ennis does what he can to fit in with the world. He has started and stopped multiple degrees trying to find a path in life. He volunteers at the local soup kitchen and moves from job to job. But what he truly enjoys is saving people from the horrors he experienced as a child. He wants to make the world a better place. Even if that means he has to kill to achieve his goals.

Scarred is a dark crime thriller that dives into the minds of killers and what creates them. Damien Linnane does not hold back the details, so make such you have a strong stomach when reading this novel. This is not a read for everyone, as there are many disturbing scenes. Readers will watch the evolution of two criminals and how their paths weave together to create an astonishing ending.

I did find that sometimes the backstory was too much for me. Not that it was over detailed with gore, just too much information that pulled away from the story and the emotions it created. Many of the side characters received backstories to connect them with the reader, but they didn't seem necessary. However, the intense moments felt throughout this novel made up for the slower parts.

Not only does Scarred show you the criminal side of the story, but readers also see through the eyes of the lead detective dealing with their cases. Presenting the plot with such an array of characters, really brought the story full circle. I appreciated seeing the development from all angles. If you enjoy thrillers, then this is certainly a book for you!


About the Author

Author Damien Linnane
Author Damien Linnane

Damien Linnane was born in Sydney in 1986. His debut novel, the vigilante justice thriller Scarred, was written by hand in prison while he was serving a two-year sentence for a series of crimes, including the firebombing of a home, with the sentencing magistrate finding that his motivation appeared to be ‘vigilante action’.

Since his release from prison, Linnane has completed a master’s degree in information studies. He also works as a portrait artist and freelance writer, and is in the finishing stages of writing a memoir.

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