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Book Series to Read in 2024 | Book Talk

Book Series to Read in 2024 graphic
Book Series to Read in 2024

Welcome to my list of book series I hope to read in 2024, and the book series from this year that I never did get around to reading. So of course I'm going to add them in to try again next year! By now we should all know I become hopelessly distracted by new books and series.


2023 Book Series I Thought I Would Read

Allie Beckstrom by Devon Monk - I never did circle back to this one. The Guild Codex series snagged my attention and I made that my main focus in 2023. I'll have to try and fit in a few more Alle Beckstroms this year.

Titania Academy by Samaire Wynne and By the Hand of Dragons by Alexzander Christion- Sadly I did not pick up either of these series either. But I'll put them back on the list in the hopes I will pick them up.

Redwall by Brian Jacques - Confession, I was reading this series as audiobooks and came to a crashing halt when I couldn't find Pearls of Lutra on audio. I did manage to read Outcast of Redwall though! Do I own them all? You bet I do, so next year I'll be picking up the paperback copy for Pearls of Lutra to continue my Redwall quest!

The Chronicles of Ixia by Marie V Snyder- Ok, I made it through book three! And I hope to continue on with the series this year. I've been enjoying the rereads and I'm excited to see one of the secondary characters becomes a main in book four.

Ok that is a pretty lengthy list already, but let's add a few more.

Green Rider by Kristen Britain - I first read this series in high school and only made it through books one and two. They were tag sale finds and I never did make it out to buy anymore books. That was almost twenty years ago. (......twenty years......) and I reread those first two books this year in the hopes of continuing on. I haven't made it to book three yet, but let's see if I can next year.

The Guild Codex by Annette Marie - One of the women in my local book club hooked me onto this series and I almost finished the entire Spellbound arc. Unfortunately, I fell ill for a few months and dropped this series and all reading as I recovered. This is just pure urban fantasy fun and I will definitely be picking them up again.

What are series you're looking forward to reading next year?


Want to see what I've been saying I'd read for years and where I was hopelessly distracted? Check out my previous years!

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