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Before the Storm | Initial Thoughts

Before the Storm by Jack Byrne Tour Banner
Before the Storm by Jack Byrne Tour Banner

Before the Storm Blurb


Historian Vinny Connolly tries to escape the bitter memories of his childhood in a tough neighbourhood. But a secret from the past, involving a pocket watch, an old man’s death, and childhood friends, threatens to unravel his present.

When one of those friends, Sammo, dies in mysterious circumstances, Vinny, his wife Helen, and his ex-partner Anne McCarthy race against time to uncover the truth.

A hit and run incident, text messages, and a murdered pet, all warn Vinny away from the investigation. A series of letters hold the key to Sammo’s life, and the secret to unlock the mystery of his death. Facing unexpected obstacles and police opposition Anne tries to overcome an accidental death verdict.

Set against the backdrop of a post-Brexit UK, this is a gripping tale of immigration, friendship, the power of secrets to shape our lives, and the value of resistance to authority.

Book cover for Before the Storm by Jack Byrne
Before the Storm by Jack Byrne

Genre: Historical Mystery, Thriller, Suspense | Length: 314 pages

Published: May 2023


Initial Thoughts for Before the Storm

While I haven't' had a chance to finish Before the Storm, I wanted to share my thoughts on the novel so far. And don't worry, a full review will be on the way as soon as I can finish reading!

Before the Storm opens on an accidental overdose. There's an air of mystery and foul play, yet readers are only given a snippet of the crime scene before being pulled away to the main story. But the tension doesn't end there.

As the story continues readers will be pulled into both past and present as Jack Byrne reveals the history binding certain characters together. And how no matter how hard they may try to run from the past, it will catch up to them.

I've just begun to unearth the past events, and I can't wait to see how they fully reflect on the characters in the present. I've certainly seen some of the reactions, but I need to continue reading to understand how it all connects. There is plenty of mystery and tension to keep me reading!


About the Author

I was born and raised in Speke Liverpool, (Paul McCartney lived in the street behind us for a while) although my parents first lived ‘Under The Bridge’ in Garston, and all my family goes back to Wicklow in Ireland.

The Liverpool Mystery Series will be four novels. Under The Bridge is the first. I am writing Fire Next time now, and The Wicklow Boys will follow next year. You can find The One Road prequel a collection of short stories here on Amazon.

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